Acadian Plant Health™ Launches Newly Branded Vision for Immediate Innovative Solutions in Support of Sustainable Global Food Production

DARTMOUTH, NS, Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Acadian Plant Health™ today announced ‘Sea Beyond,’ the company’s newly branded vision designed to transition the biostimulant industry with technological solutions that respond to an agricultural production system highly stressed by climate change.

“Our ‘Sea Beyond‘ launch is our new vision, leadership, and commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for global agriculture,” says Nelson Gibson, President Acadian Plant Health. “We are challenging conventional thinking to ‘Sea Beyond’ the way the biostimulant industry delivers agricultural solutions that respond to the growing global demand for food and climate stress.”

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The announcement builds on the company’s leadership position in the global biostimulant sector, to become the leading crop abiotic stress management company with patented seaweed core technology. Acadian Plant Health research and development delivers sea-to-land, science-based solutions, proven to alleviate crop stress from factors like drought, heat, chill, salinity and nutrient deficiencies, while still maintaining and improving the productivity of the crop. Acadian Plant Health products are designed and created as unique active ingredient solutions that will both stand-alone and fit into other technologies to solve key agricultural challenges.

“The more we spoke with our customers, the more we realized that there is a misconception of ‘either/or’ when it comes to performance and sustainability,” says Gibson. “There is a perception that you couldn’t get the yield you needed with  ‘eco-friendly’ products. But we’re challenging this conventional thinking. Working together with our industry partners, our biostimulants promise stronger yielding crops in a sustainable manner, which we have been proving with science for the past 40 years,” says Gibson. “What we must do as an industry now is see beyond the current state of the agricultural inputs industry and offer solutions that provide high value, crop productivity technology that shifts from a peripheral add-on to an essential component of Sustainable Agriculture. The world is changing, and we know things must change on a global basis. One company can’t do it alone. We must work together to advance sustainability for the benefit of plant and planet.”

About Acadian Plant Health

Acadian Plant Health is a division of Acadian Seaplants Limited™ – the largest independent marine plant harvesting, cultivation, and extraction company in the world. Acadian is an international leader in sustainable, science-based biological solutions for high-value crops. The company is committed to launching patented innovative products, with a focus on sustainability and regenerative agriculture. Acadian Plant Health products are used in over 100 crops in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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