ACFE Ghana to host second annual fraud conference in Accra

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Ghana Chapter is to host its second national fraud conference to improve awareness on the need to effectively collaborate and build resilient systems to fight fraud and corruption.

The Conference, scheduled for 11 to 13 September, in Accra, will engage distinguished speakers, array of experts, thought leaders and practitioners from various sectors, both local and international, who will share their experiences and insights on creating robust systems and practices that uphold integrity.

Speaking at a Media Launch of the event in Accra, Dr Rebecca Lomo, President of ACFE Ghana, noted that the Conference aimed to foster a culture of integrity and resilience against the treacherous threats of fraud and corruption that continued to challenge Ghana’s institutions and the whole Nation.

She said resilient systems would protect Ghana against fraud, adding that ‘the people who should execute and manage the systems should have high integrity, and integrity means hon
esty, it means be committed to ensure that the right things are done.’

The event, which is to be held at the Accra International Conference Centre, will also feature insightful keynote addresses, interactive workshops, and panel discussions designed to equip participants with cutting-edge strategies, tools and how to engage the assistance of artificial Intelligence to prevent, detect and combat fraud.

Emerging financial crime trends and its impact on the economy, the challenges of Cyber Security and Data Integrity, use of artificial intelligence (AI), its impact on business processes, ethical issues of use of AI and addressing its challenges, Fraud Risks Management and investigation, Whistle blower’s protection, Re-imagined internal Auditing in the digital age, Navigating Uncertainty: Business Continuity role in advancing ESG Goals.

The Conference is on the theme: ‘Elevating Integrity: Building a Fraud and Corruption Resilient Future.’

Dr Lomo anticipated that the event would provide a unique platform for
networking and the exchange of ideas among professionals dedicated to the fight against fraud and corruption, saying, these interactions will strengthen Ghana’s collective efforts and foster new partnerships that are crucial for driving systemic change.

Commissioner of Police (COP) Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, Executive Director of the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) also underscored the need for law enforcement agencies to collaborate effectively in addressing fraud related issues.

She said fraud and corruption were pervasive issues, which posed significant threats to stability and integrity of organizations, adding that they further undermined economic stability, erode public trust and sustainable development.

‘As we gather here today, we are reminded that fraud is a constantly evolving threat, it requires our collective efforts to stay ahead of the fraudsters and protect the integrity of our institutions.’

Mr John Awuah, Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Association of Bankers, said in the f
ight against fraud it was extremely important to address ethical issues.

He mentioned that a report released by the Bank of Ghana indicated that of all the fraud related issues that occurred within the banking system about 50 per cent of these cases had to do with internal staff who were tagged as accomplices.

Mr Awuah said the fight against fraud and corruption must be a national priority and Ghana needed to invest in systems and controls that would aid in the prevention of fraud.

Source: Ghana News Agency