Bengo’s new general hospital construction completed

Caxito – The new General Hospital of the northern Bengo province, with capacity for 200 beds, 15 clinical areas distributed in 24 blocks, six houses for professionals and a haemodialysis centre, is due to be inaugurated Monday.

It will also serve as a professional training and scientific research centre and have different services, with an emphasis on general medicine, pediatrics and surgery.

Budgeted at 63.1 million dollars the construction of the hospital began in August 2021 on an area of 45 cubic metres with a completion deadline of 18 months.

According to data, the province has six municipal hospitals, two general hospitals, 22 health centers, a maternity clinic and 73 healthcare centres.

Bengo province has 105 internal specialty doctors, 26 foreign doctors, 29 national doctors, 1,477 nurses, 398 diagnostic and therapeutic technicians, 158 general technicians and 237 hospital support technicians, making a total of 2,430 health technicians.

Caxito housing project

Built in Bucula city about five kilometers away from Caxito city, with the first 500 three-bedroom flats in two, three and four-storey buildings completed and ready to be handed over to the public.

In this first phase, 80 buildings were built, 72 shops and 486 houses. Among them, 08 are single-storey houses and 478 are flats.

The houses have three bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen, two bathrooms, balcony, water and electricity.

The first phase, which began in February 2022, include health centers, a police station, a primary school with 24 classrooms, 1,000 homes, including 946 flats, 30 houses and 72 shops, while the second phase will see the construction of buildings of different types.

The construction has created around 1,350 new direct jobs. IF/VM/MRA/AMP

Source: Angola Press News Agency