Douala: Two tenants kill landlord in Japoma

Two tenants put an end to the life of their landlord on Wednesday May 15, 2024 in the Japoma neighborhood in the Douala III subdivision for approaching them very early in the morning asking for rent not paid for months.

‘Since the tenants usually leave the house very early to avoid the landlord, my husband decided to go for his accumulated rent at about 4:00am . He was accompanied by our son. Unfortunately for him, two of the tenants picked up a fight with him, which resulted to his death.’ Explained the wife of the deceased landlord.

Pietà Louis Marie , 50, was accompanied by his son who witnessed how the tenants killed his father.

‘Apparently the tenants who have been running away from him were not happy when my dad met then at home. As a dispute broke out, one of them held my father against the wall. I went and pushed him to the ground. The 2nd dashed on me while my father was fighting with the other. I stoned the tenant beating up my father. On his part, he went for a piece of plank which he used to hi
t my father with several times. That is how he bled to death.’ persons Recounted the the deceased son.

Wife of the deceased, Romaine Pieta disclosed that her husband was tormented a lot by the two tenants he had served a convocation from the gendarmerie but they refused to show up.

Pietà Louis Marie, advised by a friend of his in the quarter to let go of the matter decided not to continue with the case at the gendarmerie. He thought meeting his tenants one on one will be the solution for him to have his accumulated rents. Rather he met his doom.

Both tenants were arrested by forces of law and order.

Source: Cameroon News Agency