Government to reserve 55 percent of scholarships for women

The Angolan government will reserve 55 percent of scholarships at national level for women, and channel 55 percent of funding to women for the development of scientific research, said Wednesday the Vice-President of the Republic, Esperança da Costa.

During an interview with the Public Television of Angola, in the ambit of tributes to “Março Mulher” (Women in March), Esperança da Costa highlighted the Executive’s policies aimed at empowering women, stating that they must meet the necessary requirements to access such benefits, having underlining that “it is not just a matter of numbers”.

During an interview, in which, among other issues, she clarified her role as Vice-President of the Republic, Esperança da Costa declared that the country is committed to women’s education, balanced development, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

To her the tendency, is to invest more and more in the training of women, so that they gradually reach more prominent positions in the State apparatus, “not just because they are women, but because they have the required capabilities and skills to carry out the responsibilities assigned to them”.

The Vice-President of the Republic added that the Executive is promoting the empowerment of rural women, through the granting of credit for this segment of the population, as well as to the most disadvantaged women, with the implementation of programmes such as Kwenda.

Esperança da Costa went on to say that, in addition to coordinating some councils and specialized consultation commissions of the Head of State, namely the National Multisectoral Commission for the Safeguarding of the World Cultural Heritage, the National Commission for the Fight against HIV/AIDS and Major Endemic Diseases, the National Council for Road Traffic and Road Traffic Planning, plus the National Water Council, she also monitors the ministerial departments of Education, Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, and Environment.

Angola increased conservation areas for flora and fauna

Angola has increased its flora and fauna conservation area from six to twelve percent, said Vice President Esperança da Costa.

In the domain of the environment, she highlighted the National Strategy for the Conservation of Biodiversity and the National Strategy for the Creation of Natural Parks, both aimed at the conservation of the national flora and fauna.

Ms Costa stated that the country is committed to mapping its vast natural resources as well.

According to the official, the intention is to continue to implement governance, through management plans capable of, while respecting biodiversity and protecting the environment, taking advantage of Angola’s natural resources for the growth and diversification of the economy, and promoting sustainable development.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)