Stakeholders pledge to lead crusade against violent extremism

Stakeholders and the youth in the Lambussie District have pledged to champion and lead the crusade against violent extremism in the area.

They said they would be serving as a unified body in promoting peace, and resolving conflict before, during and after the December elections.

They made the pledge in a communiqué after a day’s training workshop organised by the Lambussie District Directorate of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) on its European sponsored, Preventing and Containing Violent Extremism (PCVE) Phase I programme with focus in the eight Regions of Northern Ghana.

The engagement held in Lambussie was aimed at bringing stakeholders and the youth together to form an Inter-Party Dialogue Committees (IPDC) who would serve as unifying bodies to promote peace and resolve conflicts with focus on monitoring and reporting all threats and vulnerabilities relating to violent extremism.

Participants in the meeting included representatives from the Electoral Commission (EC), Political Partie
s, Lambussie District Assembly, NCCE, CHRAJ, Traditional Authorities, Security Services, Faith Based Organisations, Civic Societies, the media, PWDs, Women and youth groups.

Mr Taalaar Amatus, the Lambussie District Officer of the NCCE said activities of violent extremism had adversely affected Ghana’s neighbouring countries including Burkina Faso and Niger, adding that it was imperative to train and educate the youth and other stakeholders in the Lambussie district, sharing borders with Burkina Faso.

He highlighted that Ghana had successfully conducted both Presidential and Parliamentary elections eight times in succession and that the peaceful transfer of political power from one ruling party to an opposition party in 2000, 2008 and 2016 had been admired by all.

Mr Amatus stressed a need for every well-meaning citizen to help maintain the country’s democratic credentials to enhance political, economic and social stability.

Mr Victor Nuworkpor, the Upper West Regional Director of the NCCE said the activi
ties of violent extremism groups in the sub-region was a serious security threat to Ghana and that everyone must come on board and be vigilant in the fight against violent extremists activities.

He urged citizens to help avert violence extremism by reporting any suspicious acts or activities before, during and after elections 2024 by resounding the National Security Slogan ‘If you see something say something’.

Reverend Father Boniface Tawel, the Catholic Priest of St. George’s Parish, Piina speaking in a presentation on Monitoring and Reporting Threats and Vulnerabilities to Violent Extremisms, urged the public especially political party members to respect the right and political beliefs of each other to enable everyone exercise their democratic rights without fear or intimidation or violence.

‘Our differences should not be a source of conflicts but rather a way to constructive dialogue.

Violent extremism in this 2024 elections can be prevented around developing constructive personal group and political r
elationships across ethnic, religious, class and constituency boundaries’ he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency