Separatists shoot resisting women in Big Babanki

Several women were injured as Separatists who identified themselves as Ambazonia forces targeted women in Big Babanki, a village in Mezam , north west region of Cameroon.

CNA learned that the incident took place on the eve to the country’s National Day celebration, a feast that takes place every May 20.

War levy

On Friday May 19, 2023, some women protested the imposed levy of FCFA 10,000 per male and FCFA 5000 per female. Pleading with the separatists to abolish such monthly levies because the effect of the war has also rendered them poor.

Since 2016, Separatists in the north west and south west regions, are fighting thr central government in a move to create a separate state called Ambazonia.

For the past seven years, the war has caused economic hardship to the population of these regions.

But to make more money and fund the war, a group of Ambazonia separatists have resorted to demanding money on impulse.

A group that has supported this initiative is the Ambazonia Governing Council.

But there has been dissenting voices. The reactions were met with bullets and intimidation.

“As I am writing to you now there is tension in my village Big babanki this criminals are moving from one quarter to the other collecting all the names of the people in that quarter and saying that each person will be paying 10000 for the men and 5000 for women,” a source told CNA.

Those who resisted were shot in the legs while others were vandalised.

The women are being treated in nearby hospitals.

Source: Cameroon News Agency